Friday, January 13, 2006

Renewable Energy Sources

We’re into 2006 now and wondering what will happen on the world stage to excite us, make us mad, and drive us to action.   Too often, we get the feeling that we can’t do anything about the economic and political situation.  But, we can talk with others about the way we’d like to see the world turn and we can vote.

California looks like it is going in the right direction in putting the sun to work on top of houses to generate electricity using a renewable resource.  All we’ve got is the sun, the wind, geothermal, and, that old standby nuclear power.  All of these reduce our dependency on oil, but at a cost.   The plan in the US is to have 20 new nuclear reactors in the next twenty years.  Many countries, such as England and Germany are now looking at doing away with old nuclear reactors and not building any more.  France hums along with nuclear supplying 80 percent of their electricity.  

We need a strong national debate on alternative means to generate electricity and to reduce the demand for electricity.